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We have designed and delivered applications and services for start-ups, established companies, NGOs and the public sector.

STRATEGY for AN AML Screening Product

ComplyAdvantage is a FinTech company that helps businesses to automate their screening processes and combat financial crime.

Through detailed user research, Ventures developed a product strategy that utilised graph database technology to highlight previously hidden risks and break down the data siloes. A prototype for a new customer facing corporate on-boarding product was designed and tested with users.

ComplyAdvantage has launched the graph database which significantly improves the ability to verify identities and detect risks on a global scale.

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Designing a specialist engineering application

EnsembleIQ wanted to develop an engineering application to provide a quick understanding of field development, subsurface uncertainty and infill well insights using a probabilistic approach.

Ventures conducted user research via interviews, surveys and benchmarking exercises to understand stakeholders needs. Co-creation and ideation workshops were also held with the client to design innovative, yet feasible solutions. Ideas were tested before building with the in-house development team.

The application is now in use, significantly improving how teams work on this kind of engineering project.

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Designing & Delivering access to Company data

OpenCorporates wanted its clients to be able to access changes in corporate registers rather than having to re-consume data for 200+ million companies.

Ventures spoke to financial services companies to understand how they worked with company data and their pain-points. Following this the business rules for how changes in registers would be tracked or inferred from each data source was agreed with the client. Ventures then designed how the data would be presented in the interface and API and then managed sprints to deliver the end product.

The Corporate Signal product is being utilised by financial services companies around the world, improving their ability to screen companies and to limit financial crime.

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re-DESIGNING a low code innovation platform

OpenATB provides developers and problem solvers with low-code resources to design, build and innovate via their platform. OpenATB wanted to redesign their platform to improve ease of use and user experience.

Ventures analysed user journeys through the platform through qualitative and quantitative research. Usability and UX issues were corrected and the information architecture was re-factored, simplifying it significantly. Ventures developed rapid prototypes to test and refine design concepts.

Ventures increased uptake of the service significantly with a measurable reduction in drop off rates at specific pain points.

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Designing a platform for nutritional commitments

The Global Nutrition Report is a UN agency committed to improving nutrition around the world. The GNR wanted to improve data on nutritional projects and the financial commitments to support them.

Ventures designed a brand new, easy to use platform to support this goal including: authentication, designing and embedding a questionnaire for organisations to make commitments as well as how the data would be presented to users. We also provided all of the front-end code during development.

The platform is live and is accepting nutritional commitments from governments and organisations across the world.

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The Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) is a not-for-profit working in over 30 countries to make public sector contracting accountable. As part of this mission the OCP wanted to improve access to the datasets in their database.

Ventures conducted user research into how users worked with procurement data to hold governments to account. As a result, two tools were designed: an online data registry and a JSON to Excel conversion tool. Long term product roadmaps were also created for future iterations.

Ventures is currently working with two different development agencies to build the tools.

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