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We have delivered projects across the technology and energy sectors. Below are examples of just some of our work

Kyc / AML Screening Product Strategy

ComplyAdvantage is a FinTech company that helps compliance professionals to automate their screening processes and combat financial crime.

We developed a product strategy to significantly enhance entity screening using a knowledge graph. A prototype for a new customer facing corporate on-boarding product was designed and tested with users. We also coached the team on knowledge graph and use cases for the technology.

ComplyAdvantage launched the knowledge graph, improving the ability to detect risk on a global scale.

knowledge graph

Examining Prospects of Fusion Energy

Assystem provides services in the design, construction supervision, commissioning and the operation of industrial infrastructure.

We worked with Assystem to commission the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to produce a comprehensive new analysis of fusion’s potential as a source of abundant low carbon power.

The report: Fusion Energy: A global effort – a UK opportunity, was launched in 2021 and used to engage with industry stakeholders and the UK government at the highest levels.

electric car charging

platform design for global nutrition data

The Global Nutrition Report is a UN agency committed to improving nutrition around the world.

We designed a new platform to enable governments and organisations to provide detailed information for their commitments to improve nutrition, a verification process for the data and how this would be presented to users. We also provided all of the front-end code for the project, while working closely with an outsourced back-end development team in Kenya.

The platform is live and is accepting nutritional commitments, driving collaboration across the global nutrition community.

Corporate events

EV driver behaviour analysis Research

New Automotive is an independent transport research organisation with a mission to accelerate and support the switch to electric vehicles in the UK.

We conducted a study on why car owners had made the switch to electric. Supported by a coalition including EVA England and Octopus Energy, Ventures spoke to over 40 drivers from all over the UK.

The findings were used to create case studies that were pitched to the media, achieving coverage in regional and national newspapers as well as on TV.

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