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We have undertaken designed and delivered applications and services across a broad range of sectors, for start-ups, tech companies, NGOs and the public sector.


ComplyAdvantage is a FinTech company that helps businesses to automate and optimise their compliance processes to combat financial crime.

ComplyAdvantage were interested in using graph database technology to connect otherwise siloed data to improve their screening services. Through detailed user research and feasibility studies for what was possible with graph database technology and available data, we developed a product strategy focused on highlighting previously hidden risks. A prototype for a new customer facing on-boarding product was also designed and tested with users.

knowledge graph

user research study on ev driver behaviour

New Automotive is an independent research organisation with a mission to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles in the UK.

Ventures proposed and conducted a user study to understand driver mental models and motivations that led to them purchasing an EV. Interviews were conducted with over 40 drivers. The themes uncovered showed that there were a multitude of factors including driver user experience at play. Each interview was written up as a case study for a PR agency to pitch stories to the media, resulting in coverage on regional and national newspapers and television.

electric car charging


Doctor Care Anywhere is a telehealth service, providing access to doctors 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year through their mobile and web applications.

Most users accessed the service via an employee benefits scheme, where the on-boarding of each user was a cumbersome process, involving multiple stakeholders. Taking a service design approach, we simplified the activation process and improved the communication touchpoints with users. With notifications through the platform and a physical welcome pack for HR managers at client companies, we were able to increase uptake of the service.


The Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) is an independent not-for-profit working in over 30 countries to make public sector contracting accountable and to ensure that public money is spent openly, fairly and effectively.

The OCP wanted to develop new data tools to help users to easily access public procurement data. They also wanted to transform complex and heavily nested JSON data into simpler tabular formats where it could be analysed more easily. Taking a user-centered design approach, two tools were designed: a data search tool and a JSON to Excel conversion tool. Long term product roadmaps were also created for future iterations. Ventures is currently working with two different development agencies to build the tools.

open contracting tool

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