ventures consulting
Product discovery and user research consultancy for B2B software and data services

What we do

We believe in taking a user-centered approach when designing 'how things work' in addition to how users experience and interact with an interface.

Through conducting detailed user research, we design functionality, create and test prototypes and develop your long term product strategy.

Either through working with your development team or with our partners, we work to deliver and launch your product.


Our team has professional and academic backgrounds in product management, human-computer interaction and experience with designing complex B2B applications.

Clear thinking

We are unapologetic about thinking user problem first and technology second. We focus on delving deep into user needs, pain-points and ways of working to inform design decisions.

Working simply

We use the minimum amount of process to get the job done, meaning our pragmatic teams are able to move fast, be razor focused on your strategy, keep things simple and ship early.

Who we’ve helped

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Technology & engineering companies
From start-ups, scale-ups to established multi-national companies.
assystemalderley groupdoctor care anywhereeasee
NGOs & public sector
From UN agencies, NGOs and think tanks to public sector organisations.
iatigreenpeaceWLGAopen contracting partnershipglobal nutrition reportnew automotive
International management consultancies and brand experts to specialist insights companies.
landorryan strategic advisorybaringa
sabah zdanowska


Sabah Zdanowska is the founder of Ventures Consulting. Her background is in product management and discovery for complex B2B products and services. Combined with her experience in HCI, user research and information services, she brings a user-focused, strategic mindset to client projects.

michael zdanowski


Michael Zdanowski is a leading expert in the energy, industry, technology and BPO sectors. He advises organisations and governments on the transition to Netzero. His career has been focused at the interface of public policy, media and research. He has led campaigns in EVs, nuclear, hydrogen, CCUS, solar, resources management and the global BPO sector.